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Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry

Our Associates

Shanghai Tofflon Science and Technology Co.Ltd.
Vial, Ampoule, Syringe Filling Lines, Lyophilizers & Auto Loading/Unloading Systems, Barrier Systems & Isolators, Sterile Solution Preparation Systems, Water Systems, Turnkey Solution for Liquid Injectables

Mediseal GmbH
High Speed Blisters, Cartoners, Sachet & Stick Pack Machines

LAST Technology S.r.l.
Autoclaves, Dry Heat Sterilizers, Terminal Sterilizers, GMP Washers

Seidenader Maschinenbau GmbH
Inspection & Integrity Testing Systems for Ampoules, Liquid / Lyophilized Vials & Syringes

Nicomac Europe
Granulation & Coating Systems for Oral Solid Dosage, Small Scale High Containment Granulation for Toxic Products

Auger Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Bottle Filling Lines for Oral powder for Suspension

Lung Wei Packing Co., Ltd.
High Speed Filling & Bottle Packing Lines for Oral Liquid Solutions

Chin Yen Machinery Co., Ltd.
Various types of Labeling Machines

Pharma United Co., Ltd.
Clean Room & HVAC Systems, Turnkey Electromechanical System Delivery for New Projects

Blister Format Parts, Auto Feeding Systems for Blisters
NOTE : Working Towards a Joint Venture Manufacturing Facility in Bangladesh

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